The Hangleton & Knoll 50+ Steering Group

This web site is devoted to the needs of residents who are aged 50+ and is here to publicise activities and opportunities and facilities available to this group.

This steering group was established in January 2007 and is attended by local residents, members of local groups and service organisations. The group is supported by the Hangleton & Knoll Project. The purpose of the group is as follows:

  • To benefit residents in Hangleton & Knoll aged 50+

  • To identify issues for residents aged 50+ in Hangleton & Knoll

  • To attempt to address issues identified, through taking a “partnership” working approach between residents, local groups and service providers

  • To periodically review the provision of advice and services to the over 50s and consider any areas which appear to be lacking in coverage

  • Set targets and monitor existing activities to ensure they are fulfilling their purpose, and establish feedback mechanisms

  • Assess and advise on the distribution of funds .